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Zyberia Interviewed By EHP7

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

A few months ago we had the honor of sharing our view on the increasing workload of healthcare workers and discuss how we think we can optimize #SelfCare for both the professional and their patients by putting the patient central to everything to the "Wellbeing of healthcare workers" committee of the European Health Parliament, which was launched at the European Parliament in Brussels.

It makes us very happy and proud to read that some of these points we discussed were taken up by the committee and published in their policy book - Recover, Reinvest, Reinvent: Creating a resilient European Health Union 7th Edition 2021 – 2022:

In order to provide optimal care, it's essential a healthcare worker learns about and respects their own boundaries and need for self-care, whilst at the same time being open to a more holistic approach of working, both including all different healthcare workers, as well as treating the patient as a human being having an emotional life (mental health) that is constantly influencing their physical wellbeing and vice versa. This means soft skills are an essential part of the future of a more preventive care system.

Taken from the policy recommendations:

"However, self-care is not always practised and learned, as they may fear judgement or feel self-centred at the thought of attending to their own needs. Educating students and young HCWs in mental health and wellbeing should be imperative. Authorities and policy-makers have to ensure safe and adequate working conditions and provide opportunities for personal growth and development for HCWs."

"The world of healthcare is likely to undergo serious reform in the future and a holistic and integrative approach is needed when health systems look at educating the current and future generations of healthcare professionals. Many systems are being encouraged to invest in digital health infrastructure and transition more towards preventative health by shifting the point of care closer to the patients and their communities. By taking a more holistic approach and resolving inequalities of working conditions, we can level up the quality of patient care whilst also improving the wellbeing and resiliency of our health workforce."

The policy book presents ambitious but realistic and actionable solutions for the creation of a more resilient #EuropeanHealthUnion.

A special thanks goes to Mónica Gómez Castañeda - Chair of the Committee of "Wellbeing of healthcare workers", for inviting us and having us present our philosophy and #HealthB to your committee! Thank you Eleonora Varntoumian - President of the European Health Parliament, for a fruitful and good discussion!

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