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We Won!! "Health Entrepreneur 2022"🏆

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

It is nothing less than fantastic!🤩💯

We are so incredibly happy, proud and grateful that we won the prize "Årets Helsegründer 2022" (Health Entrepreneur 2022) at Tekna Helseteknologikonferansen (Tekna's Health Technology Conference) among nothing less than 20 nominated companies. The conference was co-organised by Norway Health Tech, Tekna and Norwegian Smart Care Cluster.

For those who read and understand Norwegian, you can read the article Tekna wrote about us and watch a short interview with our CEO, Jonas C. Jeppesen, here.

The jury's statement:

"With ZYBERIA's new platform HealthB, ZYBERIA allows the patient to take control of their health data. The solution has great potential to ensure that we, as patients, receive the right treatment, at the right time, with the right information. The solution has the potential to create major savings for the healthcare system and reduce treatment time and medical errors. When the patient himself owns his overview of medications, diagnoses and allergies, it will be possible to create a better flow of information between the various health system layers, both in primary and specialist healthcare. The product is easily available in the form of an app and can become a valuable tool for both patients and health services. The app has been developed with the potential for scaling, and equipped with secure login. The jury looks forward to following Zyberia further and congratulates ZYBERIA with this year's award!"

We are so proud as a team, what we have accomplished to date and super excited for tomorrow and the future. We are redefining health, giving people ownership and empower them with the HealthB platform. Thank you for your support all who follow us, vote for us and believe in us.

Come join us on this journey! Only together we can work towards better healthcare💫

*First photo on the left: Tobias Michel, Tekna

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