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📱Interested In Learning How To Use HealthB?

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

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With HealthB you can collect your health information in one place, share it with e.g. your GP, physiotherapist and/or private doctor. If they have an agreement with us, you can receive recommendations back from them. You are in the driver's seat all the way.

Then you get:

📈 A better overview of your health

🗓️ Organize your consultations and continuity

🩺 A treatment adapted to you

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Are you a practitioner yourself? Visit our HealthB- website to read more about how HealthB is used for your patients or send an e-mail to and we will reach out to you😊

HealthB - a dashboard for your health❤️

Your Life, Your World, Your Health. Own it!

Try HealthB free for 30 days, or get it free from your GP.

*Video in Norwegian

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