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Gisle E. Årnes, LLM
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Leif C. Brenna, BSc
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The Problem

Did you know that your health data is locked down in various systems, silos, and not readily available to you?

Without an aggregate overview of your health data, it is difficult to receive good care, and you can't be proactive in your health.

We all struggle to collect, understand and communicate our health in stressful situations. On average, 60% of the doctor's advice is forgotten after 20 minutes. It affects our ability to self-care, in being proactive and live a healthy life.

Did you know that health care providers want to be proactive, but do not have the time?

Primary care handles 90% of health care inquiries, with pressure on resources and capacity. Having the right information at the right time becomes crucial in patient care.

Did you know that lifestyle diseases can be avoided or improved by eating right, sleeping right, exercising and socialising?

A lifestyle disease can be defined as some types of cancer, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke or hypertension. If you don't take responsibility of your health and habits now, you may develop lifestyle diseases later in life.

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