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Ski Injury Registration System (S-IRS)

We are developing a digital system for registration of incidents in alpine ski resorts. This is done in cooperation with NTNU Gjøvik (formerly HIG - Høgskolen in Gjøvik/Gjøvik University College, and received funding from the Regional Research Foundation - Innlandet.


S-IRS consists of an App installed on a smartphone, and interfaces for medical staff and resort owners. Ski patrol will get the registration of incidents done quick and easy.


The system will support resource allocation, the flow of vital information and prepare the involved health services when action is needed. At the same time, real-time data is available for statistics, making it possible fine-tuning good health care with respect to quality and cost-effectivity.


Ski resorts will get accurate statistics for incidents on the slopes and may integrate data into own and public statistics.


The aim for S-IRS is to become the accurate standard benchmark for every ski-resort.

We are building a digital health dialogue system for patients and healthcare providers.

We are building a digital intelligent health management tool giving you your health in your hands! Patient-centered care starts by empowering people who need healthcare.

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