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Why you really need to own your health info!

Updated: Feb 11

Here is a story from the real life. A story I have experienced many times as a doctor. It is one of the stories that inspired me to try to create a change for people, the HealthB platform.

It all started when I was on vacation with my family in Spain. Philip, a 68 year old man, who was travelling with his wife, had just retired from work one year ago. They stayed at the same hotel. It was a hot summer. Philip had, what an increasing number of people have, a couple of chronic illnesses. He had known hypertension and diabetes for 10 years and he also had experienced a small heart infarction 3 years ago. He was using 5 different medicines. He did visit his own doctor (GP) regularly, and she knew everything about his health situation, his latest blood results and vital measurements.

At day 4 of their vacation, Philip does not feel well. Him and his wife observe the situation and later that evening his condition worsens. They do not remember the Guidelines for the use of his medication when he has a fever. He gradually worsens, the fever increases and he becomes short of breath. They don’t know the system in Spain, they do not know who to call. They do not speak Spanish.

At 03:00 a.m his wife becomes increasingly worried. They get help from the hotel to call an ambulance. Philip is hospitalized. The staff at the hospital did not have any information about Philip. He was not able to explain him self and his wife was stressed and in shock because the worsening of his condition. She could not remember. Philip died that following afternoon because they were waiting for results and had no prior information about the patient. They did not know his prior history, use of medicine. Their ability to do their best was severely reduced due to lack of information.

This is an example from real life. One of many. Name and location is changed. I was there, helping Philip’s wife figuring out what to, and understand what had happened to her husband.

- Jonas Jeppesen, co-founder and CEO, Zyberia AS

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