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Trends In E-Health

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

A few days ago, Jonas Carsten Jeppesen (CEO Zyberia) was invited to take part in the webinar on trends in e-health hosted by the Norwegian Directorate of eHealth. Together with several big players from all across Norway’s health industry, Zyberia took part in a discussion on current trends in e-health. Read how Jonas experienced the webinar below. Find the recording here (in Norwegian).

Source: The Norwegian Directorate of eHealth

"The ability to build a health technology industry and ecosystem depends on understanding our role each of us have in it. During the 3 hours together with the Norwegian Directorate of eHealth, the Norwegian Cancer Society, Norsk Sykepleierforbund, CheckWare Norge, Vestre Viken HF, Norsk Helsenett, Microsoft Norway, Anzyz Technologies and Aleap, I learned that we are united in the goal: a strong health service with independent patients, who get the right help at the right time.

In Norway, 15 million consultations are carried out every year, by about 5000 GPs. Out of these 15 million consultations, an individual is referred 1 million times to specialist care. The remaining health issues are dealt with in primary care and hence illustrates the importance of primary care as a gatekeeping function.

To optimize this gatekeeping function, the basis for building strong health services starts with the individual's ability to understand, engage, take ownership and navigate their own health. The next level in a strong health service is the knowledge of a general medical professional and their ability to deliver optimal care and supporting the patient to be able to do so. As of now, most of the investments in healthcare are focused on the next level of healthcare delivery, placing most of the responsibility of the health of the patient in the hands of the care provider. The person who is actually experiencing and living with their health problem is left behind in this relationship. They are left with a non-optimal general understanding of their health, are a passive actor in their quest for better health and their own personal information and data is stored in the system of their care provider not accessible to them.

To get the best possible healthcare and service for the individual, the patient experience in their search for help (e.g. whether digitally through the use of data interfaces or in-person), data storage and exchange and interaction between parties must be as smooth as possible.

At Zyberia, we believe in a world where we take on a role for the individual, where we interact through partnerships with different partners across the entire healthcare industry to deliver high quality of care at the lowest possible cost."

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