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Launchpad Scaleup

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

The past months we participated in an accelerator programme called Launchpad Scaleup from Smart Innovation Norway: Norway’s Leading AI Environment. Launchpad Scaleup supports mature startups to scale their business through a unique accelerator programme that provides the tools and network necessary to receive funding and increase sales.

During these months, together with several other growing startups, we went in depth into learning more about the lifecycle of startups, product development, validation, market needs, SEO tools, retention & churn rates, attracting investors and for example due diligence. All of this was led by great coaches and mentors who are experienced investors and/or entrepreneurs themselves. To mention a few: Christian Wig, Ørjan Rolness, Håvard Windstad, Salvador Baille, Gregory Gjini and Inge Michael Bilet.

We thank Smart Innovation Norway for a fantastic journey and coaching and will work to maintain our good relationship with the mentors. We look forward to the road ahead and turning our knowledge into action!

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