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HealthB Is Launched🚀

🚀It is with great pleasure that we announce that HealthB has been launched!🚀 HealthB is your personal health platform where you can take ownership of your health! Download HealthB on Google Play and AppStore! Try it free for 30 days and tell us what you think! ❤️ Be proactive and take care of yourself with HealthB! Being able to tell your health story means more than you might think - it makes a big difference to the possibility of getting good treatment when you are ill. Owning your measurements and records, treatment goals and plans is essential to becoming well... and with insights into this, you can now be proactive! ✔️ With HealthB you can create a comprehensive overview of your health data. You can note and keep track of information about your medicines, diagnoses, allergies and make personal notes about how you feel over time and/or what you'd like to discuss with your caregiver and decide to share this information using a QR-code to safely store it in your provider's EPJ-system (Electronic Patient Journal). That way, you can communicate all your information easily when you are with your healthcare provider. 📈 Which health data will help you become proactive in your own health? HealthB is for you as an individual and will always be centered on you and not the healthcare provider. Let us know what you'd like to see - we want your input on the features you desire. 💲 We also need you as an investor to be part of the next steps in our journey, with scaling, expanding functionality and international expansion. 🌍 HealthB is designed by doctors for sustainable health. Doctors, and other healthcare providers, know that a lack of information can have serious consequences. Roughly 60% of what is discussed in a consultation is forgotten after 20 minutes. With the right health information from the very beginning, you receive better treatment, adapted to you personally. And with a digital treatment plan in your pocket, you will achieve your goals! ​💪 Safety first! Your information is stored securely, in a private cloud, and health data does not leave the country. We have developed HealthB according to the health authorities' national and international safety regulations. HealthB does not share your data with other actors without your wish. Take ownership of your health, don't leave all the responsibility to your doctor. Your Life, Your World, Your Health. Own it!

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