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Zyberia is a Norwegian HealthTech company that has developed a personalised precision care platform called HealthB


HealthB enables people to own and understand their health data, and collaborate with health care providers to create a personalised care plan

Your Life, Your World, Your Health

HealthB Platform

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HealthB has been launched for testing and we are currently enrolling test users


For more information, and to download the app, please click on the launch button


HealthB is and always will be free for non-commercial users

Our Partners


The Team & Board


Jonas C. Jeppesen, MD
Co-founder & CEO

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Arnar H. Kristjansson,
COO & Regulatory Lead

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Romée B.T.W. Gerritsen, BSc, MPhil
Market Access & Reimbursement Mgr

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Lars O. Brenna, BSc, MBA 
Co-founder & Exec Board Member

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Heidi Frost Eriksen, Cand.mag. 
Exec Board Member

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Gisle E. Årnes, Cand.jur.
Exec Board Member

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Contact us

You can contact us by calling the number below or leave us an email. 

Tel. +47 901 49 857


Visit us

Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00

Oslo Science Park

Gaustadalléen 21, Oslo, 0349