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It's Your Life, Your World, Your Health. Own it!

Zyberia is a Norwegian HealthTech company


Our vision is to help people own their health and improve their quality of life

Our mission with HealthB platform is to empower citizens- and their health care providers- to collect, understand and share health information

The health care provider is enabled to perform high value consultations

The citizen is enabled to self-care

Zyberia promotes a sustainable health care system

The Problem

Social problem – global health care crisis​

Ageing population, increase in chronic diseases, unsustainable health care system​


Primary health problem – lack of qualified personnel & resources

Need shift from volume to value services with technology & new ways of work​


Citizens want to live longer and stronger!

Citizens' insight into their health, their proactivity & ability to self-care becomes crucial

Citizens have no collaborative tools to handle their health with their health care provider!!

«Lack of correct health information at the right time kills..»

HealthB Platform

Picture 1.png

HealthB App enables the citizen to collect, understand and share their health information to any health care provider.

HealthB is centered around the citizen, enabling them to navigate the healthcare system and co-create solutions together with their health care provider.

HealthB Platform aggregates relevant health data from various sources.

One Overview of your health

> Health Summary

> Allergies

> Diagnosis

> Medicines

> Organize your consultations

> Your Files & personal Notes

Share your Overview with your provider

HealthB website for more details.

Download HealthB in your appstore.


Efficient sharing of health information saves my time & my patients get the insight they need to self-care.


HealthB Pro enables health care personnel to collaborate efficiently with patients & save time for those who need it!

Receive the patients updated health information in a structured format, in the consultation, to your HealthB Pro.

> Medicines - allergies - diagnosis - test results - epicrisis - treatment plans - symptoms - questions for the consultation - and much more!

Copy to your electronic health record. Treat the patient and document as usual.

Send your advice & relevant Files back to the patients HealthB App, in the consultation.

> Your advice for the patient - treatment plans - what should the patient follow up on before the next consultation.

You will save 10 minutes per consultation.

Your patient can be active in their own health!

Try for free with your patient, for the next 30 days! 

Our Partners

The Team


Jonas C. Jeppesen, MD 
Co-founder & CEO
Medical Doctor & Cognitive Therapist

download (1).jpeg

Cecilie Skaarer, MSc
Co-founder & COO
Senior Business Developer & Strategist 

download (1).jpeg

Dainius Figoras, MSc
Co-founder & CTO
Senior Software Developer 

download (1).jpeg

Ivo Garofalo
WEB3 Blockchain Specialist &
Senior Software Developer

download (1).jpeg

Romée Gerritsen, MPhil
Co-founder & Head of Market Access
Health Economist

download (1).jpeg

The Board


Elin Hauge, MSc
Chair of the Board 
AI & Business Strategist

download (1).jpeg

Lars O. Brenna, MBA 
Co-founder & Board Member
Sales, Marketing & AI/ Data Science Expert

download (1).jpeg

Janne Log, Economics
Board Member
Brand & Communication

download (1).jpeg

Caroline Hunter, BA & LLM
Board Member
Law, Operations, Technology

download (1).jpeg

Jonas C. Jeppesen, MD 
Co-founder & CEO
Medical Doctor & Cognitive Therapist

download (1).jpeg

Our Journey Building Zyberia

Zyberia awarded Health Entrepreneur of 2022!

The award was presented at the Health Technology Conference, organized by Tekna, Norway Health Tech, and Norwegian Smart Care Cluster.

The jury's statement: "With ZYBERIA's new platform HealthB, ZYBERIA allows the patient to take control of their health data.

The solution has great potential to ensure that we, as patients, receive the right treatment, at the right time, with the right information.

The solution has the potential to create major savings for the healthcare system and reduce treatment time and medical errors.


The jury looks forward to following ZYBERIA further and congratulates ZYBERIA with this year's award!"


Photo by Tobias Michel, Tekna

​Article & Interview in Tekna

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