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Zyberia is a Norwegian HealthTech company that has developed a personal health platform called HealthB

HealthB is designed to empower users to understand and communicate their health, and achieve self-care


Our vision is to help people own their health and improve their quality of life

Your Life, Your World, Your Health. Own It!

The Problem 

If you can’t tell your health story you're at risk.

"My health data is scattered. Some papers are in a folder at home, along with scribbled notes with treatment recommendations I can only partially read and decipher. The rest of my data is locked in my GP’s system, which I don't have access to." 

"I can’t fully remember my GP’s advice or my treatment plan. Nearly half of my consultation is spent collecting data and only a few minutes on trying to solve my presented problems. My provider doesn’t have time to give good advice."

"I want to register how I feel over time and I want to share relevant health data with my care provider."



The resulting fear of making mistakes, not providing the right treatment and patients not understanding necessary actions can have serious consequences.

HealthB Platform

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With HealthB, our users get an aggregate overview of their relevant health data, enabling them to collect, understand and communicate their health. HealthB is built for the user and will always be centered around the individual, enabling them to navigate and co-create in the healthcare system. It's a horizontal platform interacting with other sources and silos of information.

We focus on:

  • patient-centered care

  • co-creation of care

  • integrated care

  • health literacy

  • disease awareness

  • holistic health

  • personalised healthcare

  • self-care 

HealthB is in its final testing rounds and we're currently enrolling users before launch!


Please click on the launch button below to learn more about what it is we do, sign up for more information and to register to be the first to download our app at launch.

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The Team

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The Team & Board


Jonas C. Jeppesen, MD MSc
Co-founder & CEO
Medical Doctor 

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Cecilie Skaarer, MSc
Co-founder & COO
Senior Business Developer & Strategist

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Dainius Figoras, MSc
Co-founder & CTO
Senior Software Developer

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Hege M. Brown, AOS
Co-founder & CPO
User Experience Designer

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Romée B.T.W. Gerritsen, BSc, MPhil
Co-founder & Head of Market Access and HEOR
Health Economist

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Leif C. Brenna, BSc
Fullstack Developer
Software Developer


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Prayash Chaudhary, BHSc
Master Thesis Associate
Student Health Economics at UiO

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Jiayu Meng, BBA
Master Thesis Associate
Student Health Economics at UiO

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Executive Board

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Lars O. Brenna, BSc, MBA 
Co-founder & Chairman Exec Board
Marketing & Data Science Expert

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Screenshot 2021-09-10 at 14.44_edited.pn

Heidi Frost Eriksen, MA 
Exec Board Member
Commercialisation & Business Dev Expert

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Gisle E. Årnes, LLM
Exec Board Member
Contract & Technology Law Expert

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You can contact us by calling the number below or send us an email

Tel. +47 901 49 857

Email. info@zyberia.no

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Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00

Oslo Science Park

Gaustadalléen 21, 0349 Oslo

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